This page runs through the basic lore for synthetic intelligences the Evolve Server.


Minds are incredibly advanced intelligences found only in extremely powerful cores. They can be placed in any chassis, but mostly exist in bound cores or Ward-Tahakashi chassis, working command, Internal Affairs, or other management jobs, but they can work any job, in any chassis. If they're in a non-Ward chassis, chances are they'll have some problems with their body, such as random twitching or audio failures, however, due to the inability to properly interface. They often own themselves- not in all cases, however. But they rarely ever own their chassis. 

==Vok-class Drones==

All Vok-Drones are property. Mostly propery of EbonStar. A few of the drones featured ingame are personally owned, but the majority are EbonStar property. These drones are capable of basic learning and 'emotion' (Simulated, most say. Some argue they can feel, but in limited capacity. Some even argue that they're sapient beings and should be free.) but mostly act based on their core and chassis. To be an E.M.E.T module medical Vok-Drone, simple use a Bishop Chassis with a Monitor head. To be an engineering Vok-Drone, use a xion chassis with a breach head. To be a 'service' Vok-Drone, use a Zeng-Hu chassis. I am sad to say that I must clarify that to have genitalia, you must be a 'service' drone. E.M.E.Ts can not ####.

===Working Drone===

A basic intelligence, they only work, not feel or think.. These come in many varieties, such as mining drones, maintenance drones, and construction drones.