The Hub, as it is simply known, refers to the central governmental organization that comprises much of the inner part of the galaxy, including Earth/the Sol System. It is bordered on the outside by the Far Arm, corporate controlled colonies stretching outwards as far as humanity can reach, and on the inside by the Hegemony, an unknown organization of more technologically advanced humans who thus far have had no visible role in Evolve. Comprised of the Sol system and several colonies, they are entwined with the corporations and separate rebel movements in attempting to keep control over their colonies. Hub maintains its own military and intelligence operations, including Sol Guard and CIG-9, and has strong trading relationships (and similarly strong military tensions), with the major corporations of the Far Arm.

CIG-9 Edit

Counter-Intelligence Group 9, sometimes referred to as "the 9", is an agency specializing in intelligence gathering, wetworks and other covert behavior. Widely believed to be the instigators of the Mutagen Wars in order to cement Hub's authority in the area, CIG9's tactics are often circuitous and duplicitous. They also serve as a faction many traitors originate from ingame.

Sol Guard Edit

The elite military branch of Hub, trained to defend against the Hegemony and perform the most serious military tasks in service of Hub. Hub appears to be rather harsh to those they see as traitorous, as seen in the Mutagen Wars.